VCS Vertical Fiber Cable Slitter

VCS vertical fiber cable slitter, suitable for  armored fiber cable diameter Φ10~25mm.

  • Suitable Cable Type: 36~96fibers armored fiber optic cable
  • Suitable Cable Diameter: 10~25mm
  • Blade made by superalloy, depth adjustable for various size of cable diameter
  • Dimension: 208*88*36mm
  • Net Weight: 418g
  • Groww Weight: 684g
  • Package including: VCS main body, wire clamp, 2pcs spare blades, carrying case.
  1. Wind wire clamp tightly on cable before applying it to any fixed objects.
  2. Adjust the blades of stripper into the sheath of cable by turning revolver. Be sure not to damage inner fibers.
  3. Locate stripper at the scratch point of cable and hold it with hand tightly.
  4. Pull stripper backward through the cable so that sheath is stripped

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