NEOCLEAN-R Optical Connector Cleaner

The NEOCLEAN-R Optical Connector Cleaner is a disposable cassette cleaning tool that is palm sized, light weight and easy to use for cleaning fiber optic connector end faces. This cassette cleaning package offers an economical, all-dry cleaning solution. The sealed container prevents cloth contamination from external debris.

The NEOCLEAN-R is easy to use and works by simply turning the cleaning wheel to expose a new section of cleaning cloth and swiping the connector end face.

The NEOCLEAN-R provides 200+ cleanings per cassette. Cleaning cloth is made from a highly dense woven fiber to reduce fraying during use.

  • Cleaning cloth is washed in deionized water in a Class 10000 clean room
  • Final cassette assembly completed in an environmentally controlled clean room
  • Cassette case housing is made with antistatic resins
  • Installation sites for public and private networks
  • Photonic testing and research laboratories
  • FTTX work sites using OptiTap® compatible connectors
  • Production of fiber optic cable assemblies
  • Kits for fiber optic inspection, testing or cleaning

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