GT5002N Fiber Inspection Cleaning Toolkit

GT5002N Fiber Inspection and Cleaning Kits includes everything you need to perform inspection and cleaning of the fiber end faces, including Fiber Patch Cords, Bulkhead connections/In-adaptor ferrules and fibers in preparation for splicing applications.

  1. GT5005N Probe Fiber Microscope with 200x magnification – 1pcs
    To perform fiber inspections on both patch cords and bulkhead adapters.
    Including patch cords inspection tips of Univ. 2.5mm and Univ. 1.25mm.
    Bulkhead inspection tips of FC/PC,SC/PC, ST/PC and LC/PC.
  2. GT3105P Visual Fault Locator – 1pcs
    Visually checking breakpoints, poor connections, bending or cracking in fiber optic cables
  3. GT5006 Fiber Connector Cleaner(QAM Cleaner) – 1pcs
    To perform patch cords cleaning.
  4. GT5008 Pen-style Fiber Cleaner (HuxCleaner) – 2.5mm & 1.25mm, 1pc each
    To perform bulkhead/in-adaptor ferrule cleaning
  5. Alcohol Bump Bottle – 1pcs
  6. Cleaning Cotton Swabs – 2 pouchs
  7. Hard Carrying case – 1pcs
  • FTTH, LAN, PON & Optical CATV.
  • Local ring net.
  • Optical fiber communication system.
  • Optical fiber test equipment.
  • Optical fiber sensor.

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