GT5001 Optical Cable Emergency Toolkit

GT5001 Optical Cable Emergency Toolkits is composed of most of the essential tools, it is suitable for general usage during the fiber installation and maintenance of fiber networks.

No.Tool NameQtyFunction
1Fiber Optic Stripper(CFS-2)1Peeling the coat of the fiber
2Assembled sleeve wrench1Fixing splice closure/terminal box
32M Tape Measures1Measuring the length of the fiber cable
4Utility Knife1Accessorial tool for peeling the fiber cables
5Piano Wire Clamp1Nipping the strengthening core of the fiber cables
6Cross Fiber Reamer1Peeling the fiber cables
7Nipper1Entwining the fiber cables
8Scissors1Snipping the fiber of the cable
9Pliers1Snipping the steel wire of the fiber cables
10Acuate clamp1Accessorial tool for the splicing
11Mini Screwdriver2Fixing the screws
12Inner-hexagonal Wrench1Fixing the inner hexagonal screws
13Adjustable Spanner1Accessorial tool for the splicing
14Assembled Screwdriver1Loading and uploading the fiber optic splice closure
15Alcohol Pump Bottle1Cleaning the fiber
16Mark Pen1Marking the fiber
17Flashlight1Lighting at night
18Diagonal Cutting Pliers1Accessorial tool for peeling the fiber cables
19Voltage Test Pen1Testing the security of the electrical source and electrical wire
20Loose Skinning Pliers1Peeling the loose of the fiber cables
21Cleaning Air Ball1Blow off dust
22Carrying Case1Containing the above tools
  • FTTH, LAN, PON & Optical CATV.
  • Local ring net.
  • Optical fiber communication system.
  • Optical fiber test equipment.
  • Optical fiber sensor.

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