GTFIBER.com (Part of EXFIBER Group) was created in response to growing industry demand from fiber optic installers and telecom service providers from around the globe. The fiber optic industry has clearly stated a need for a comprehensive fiber optic product outlet. With this objective in mind,  each sector of the data fiber industry will now be able to find everything they need under one roof – whether it be for laboratory, manufacturing, LAN data networks, telecom/cable/internet service providers, FTTH, or even aerospace & military. Our stated goal is to be the standard by which other fiber optic suppliers are measured.

We are in the unique position of being able to offer a wide range of splicing and testing equipment, as well as cabling and connectivity gear. From fusion splicers to OTDR offerings, connectors, cleavers and more, we have you covered. Other distributors are accountable to one or more major equipment manufacturers, where we are not. eFiberTools.com can give a more objective opinion on which products best service your needs, not the needs of a particular brand.

GTFIBER.com is a state of the art multichannel supplier of fiber optics and related products, featuring hassle free purchasing and fast order fulfillment.

We look forward to assisting you and appreciate your business.